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Angkor Wat | Access 360 World Heritage

Angkor Wat, located in northwest Cambodia, is the largest religious structure in the form of a temple complex in the world by land area, measuring 162.6 hectares. At the centre of the temple stands a quincunx of four towers surrounding a central spire that rises to a height of 65 m above the ground. the temple of angkor wat is one of hundreds of temples that make up the ancor world heritage site angkor was once the largest city on earth then seemingly overnight this ancient metropolis of nearly a million souls vanished now experts are using new technology to solve this great mystery and restore the treasures of a lost empire damian evans is one of a new breed they call themselves aerial archaeologists he's on a mission to map the ruins of the lost civilization below what we do is we look at the landscape as a whole if you're on the ground you really can't see what's what you really have to get up in the air and get an overview a broader perspective on the landscape new

Animals You'll Be Happy Are Extinct

our planet is facing the greatest
extinction of animals since the time of
the dinosaurs
but this time it's not the meteorite
that threatens their lives
it's a human being over the last 50
humans have destroyed almost two-thirds
of species
you'll never hear the sweet sardinian
kika again
the orange frog will no longer warn you
of the rain with
its croaking and team melodrama fans
will not be able to tease the tasmanian
wolf at the zoo
calling him a stripe to jacob but unlike
some animals
we've lived to see that we can work
miracles with the help
of genetic engineering on the 23rd of
february this year
a sensational event took place
australian photographer neil waters
posted stunning content on the Internet
a picture of the very tasmanian wolf
that was considered to be extinct 85
years ago
it could mean that scientists have
already secretly made progress in
and we can fix it all but there is
another question
is it worth doing it
before you answer there's someone i'd
like you to meet
in order to do this you need to raise
your head up
this is host's eagle the largest bird of
prey of historical era
haas siegel is very similar to the
world's largest eagle the harpy eagle
only it was twice as heavy and its
wingspan was
40 percent larger it lived on new
zealand's south island
until people ruthlessly exterminated the
majestic bird
legends say after the maori people
exterminated the moa
the main source of food for hostile the
mega bird began to take revenge on
hunting their young children therefore
the maori people had to kill a
terrifying bird
on the basis of an excuse of
the human being has become the most
dangerous predator and killer of
all time but new zealand kids play in
the yard without fear of being dragged
away by a
giant bird perhaps you'd like to clone
other animal from the recently extinct
ones how do you like
this guy giant short-faced bear
it's heavier than the modern rhinoceros 50
bigger than the biggest polar bears and
as you can see
twice your height to survive it must eat
at least 35 pounds of meat per day that means at least
one corgi now look who's standing on
your right
megalania is the largest land lizard
known to science
it was as long as a two-story building
and weighed as much as the heart of a
blue whale
but neither it nor the ancient grizzly
were able to escape from
a human being in the food chain humans
became their rivals
having destroyed everything that the
bear and megalania
ate it's quite possible that people just
killed these predators when they met
do you think you wouldn't have done it
get to know them but where are they you
won't see megalania right away
no it's not shy it's just that lizard
hunts in
an ambush it will instantly immobilize
you by cutting the
tendons with its razor sharp teeth have
you seen these videos of how to open
chips properly by making a cut in the
middle of the bag
no one even knows that megalania has
figured it all out a long time ago
it will immediately rip open your belly
and start
eating you alive it's a pity that such a
unique species has become extinct
but don't worry at the end of the 90s
there was a lot of speculation that
megalania had been
seen in australia or new guinea maybe
it's still alive without any cloning
and here comes the short-faced bear it
has no trouble finding you because of
its distinctive
super sensitive nose look into its chaps
its fangs are pointed in different
directions similar
to a tiger unlike megalania a bear's
lateral teeth will effectively cut not
only your tendons
but also your bones the extermination of
monsters was a necessity for the
survival of ancient people
but what wrongs did the much vaunted
internet star
tazmedian wolf do to us thylacine as
it's also called became extinct in 1936
which means it was around when the
camera was invented and
we can see its real pictures don't be
afraid to get closer to it it's like a
big cat with an interesting striped
look how lovely it yawns its mouth opens
90 degrees it turns out that this
striped cat
isn't so harmless and who knows what a
human can expect from it
i bet you shouldn't put your finger in
its mouth in the year 2005
the australian magazine the bulletin
offered 1.25 million
australian dollars reward to anyone who
catches a live
thylacine and neil waters president of
thylacine evernote can become a
thanks to the photo of a whole family of
including a cub maybe the thylacine we
found is the result of successful
experiments by
scientists in the field of cloning and
soon we'll be able to recover the other
recently extinct animals i introduced
you to
by the way people who are the first to
think about it
are the scientists from the lazarus
of the university of new south wales
they took
tissue of a frog that had been dead and
frozen since the 1970s
scientists successfully implanted it
into an egg of a closely related species
of frogs
although none of the embryos have
survived more than a few days
this may be the first step towards
jurassic park scenario into reality
because i think we're forgetting the
real heroes
the mega animals that went extinct a
long time ago
and you haven't even heard of them or
their superpowers
what would be really interesting to
renew and place in the park with the
ancient inhabitants is helicoprion
this predatory fish is the least
favorite tooth fairy's character
its teeth had an unusual ability they
didn't fall out but instead
turned into a wheel on the lower jaw
to a pattern with this deadly spiral
helicoprion used to arrange paleozoic
chainsaw massacre
watching helicoprion through the glass
of a large aquarium
one visitor of the park would be very
interested in it
that would be steven spielberg he would
certainly be inspired to make the next
jaws with this character in the lead
role unless
of course helicoprion gets beaten in
this audition
by aquilo lomna it has
much more chances because on the 18th of
scientists released the news about a
preserved fossil of this cretaceous
found in the gulf of mexico its special
pectoral fins that resemble wings and it
resembles a funny stingray trapped in
the body of a ruthless shark
it would be interesting to keep other
extinct animals at home instead of the
because now it's very fashionable to
have a mini piggy pet
instead of a kitten but what about
the behemoth-sized cannibal boar this
pet is
definitely not for the faint-hearted
with its eight-inch fangs
the lector pig was not averse to eating
its own kind
if your dog is not doing its job well
you should know that
robbers would surely fit the taste of
hopefully it will spare the owner it's
amazing that the only thing that can
save these
super animals is cloning for all their
they've all failed to avoid extinction
and extermination
all but one invincible creature
honey badger here it is lying there
the menace of the wild kingdom do you
feel like stroking that cute badge
i wouldn't advise this this guy's a real
the honey badger is listed in the
guinness book of records as the most
fearless animal not only does it defend
itself with its
thick elastic skin that's hard to bite
it also gets into fights and scrapes
first the internet star hottie badger
stuffel has more than once escaped from
its enclosure and
no it hasn't escaped into the wild but
went to beat other zoo animals
the honey badger is the chris brown of
the animal kingdom
everyone probably has a friend like that
who went rogue at a party and couldn't
be stopped
since honey badger is not a member of
the fight club there are no rules for it
to fight
it uses forbidden techniques it can
viciously attack the face and
eyes of its rival well more specifically
its victim are you surprised at people
who can easily
chew popcorn grains honey badger's jaws
are so strong that it can eat
turtles with a shell and even if it
falls into the mouth of a predator
let's say into the trap of the fangs of
a tasmanian wolf at
90 degrees it still can't swallow the
honey badger
because it's also very dodgy perhaps you
can go to africa
and see it up close but it's not a fact
that within the very first
minutes of the meeting it won't scratch
your eyes out
you might be thinking how cool it would
be if all the above
mentioned guys were as resilient as the
honey badger and survived to this day
well scientists have been trying to
clone the tasmanian wolf since
1999. three years later its dna was
but it was found to be unusable and
after six years
scientists managed to make some of the
genes of thylacine work in the mouse
embryo but
none of the developing embryos have
turned into a wolf
then the scientists quietened down and
we could breathe a sigh of relief
because we had the confidence that we
couldn't get into its chaps
which opens like an electric need grill
suddenly in 2021 these pictures of a
tasmanian wolf
walking quietly through the woods of
maybe the experiments got out of hand
and soon there will be photos of other
extinct animals on the web
who are walking near us now we just
don't notice them
what animal besides the tasmanian wolf
would you like to notice in your
this is the character you met a few
short minutes ago
the ancient short-faced bear its genome
is well preserved and can be
restored in the future the problem is
finding a surrogate mother
as the closest relative weighs about 10
times less
there may be genomes of other ancient
animals which one would you bring back
to life
a cannibal pig a chainsaw fish
a baby killer eagle why shouldn't human
beings resurrect themselves
neanderthal is the most viable option
for cloning
there's even a matching surrogate
that's us however the un declaration
prohibits the cloning of humans
considering it
unethical well would you take
responsibility for raising a neanderthal
do you still want to resurrect someone