Alien World Might Be Hiding Inside Earth

a planet
called thea covered in seas and rivers
full of exotic gardens and wondrous
flies out of its orbit
and travels in the direction of our
solar system
kidding everything in its path thea
makes venus
rotate in the other direction breaks off
a piece of the earth
and apparently by the law of bartender's
share some water with it splashing a
little on the martians
then it grabs at jupiter so that it
starts spinning
faster this causes theater crumble into
pieces so that fragments reach saturn
and form its rings together with cosmic
dust the remnants
become moons of uranus and after this
game of cosmic billiards the universe
makes every effort to stop us knowing
thea after all it just wants to forget
about it
like a bad dream
no this isn't a new marvel movie plot
it's quite possible that this is what
the hypothesis
for the creation of the solar system
will look like from the point of view of
scientists who love greek mythology
just as much as they love getting
research money from
investors now they're closing off any
gaps when it comes to
so-called thea in march 2021
scientists announced that they had found
fragments of the alien world in the
earth's mantle
in this video we'll go through their
logic in detail
and annihilate every unfounded theory
but most importantly we'll find out for
so where is the evidence for thea's
the moon is our eternal companion but
how did it come about and who's
responsible for our tides
for howling wolves and for sudden
headaches and irritability
the scientists believe we owe that to
the logic of the scientists looks like
this since the moon exists
then there's thea which could have
chipped and knocked the moon off the
earth with a strong blow
david scott and james irwin went to the
moon to collect samples and they
hit the jackpot on the 1st of august
the apollo 15 astronauts found the
genesis stone
when it was examined it turned out that
the oxygen isotopes of the earth
and the moon were almost as identical as
slogan marshall green and tom
hardy this could just confirm the
hypothesis about
theia it's believed that the moment they
hit the earth
about a hundred million times more
energy was released
than when the dinosaurs became extinct
some of the outer layers of the earth
and both celestial bodies melted and
part of the mantle was thrown into
orbit around the earth this hypothesis
explains why the moon has an unusual
and has no metallic materials the
ejected material condensed
into a single body and under the
influence of its own gravity
took a spherical shape and now
dreamworks has a unique opening screen
you're probably saying every school
child knows about the meteorite that
fell on us
luckily ensuring that we don't have
t-rexes roaming our streets now
but why is it that no one has any idea
thea's fascinating story because the
evidence for its existence
has been refuted when the stones from
the moon were checked over time
using improved methods of analysis it
turned out that the isotopic composition
of the deeper rocks of the moon
was not similar to that of the earth
enthea returned to the club of
fictional characters again to ultron and
sorry for the spoiler in case you
haven't watched it yet
and now to the actual logical answer the
moon was formed of debris
cosmic debris the earth and the moon
formed nearby
and together from the same dust ball
the identity of the oxygen isotope ratio
is easily explained this theory is
considered the closest to reality just
and no thea would you like to find out
more about how the logic of scientists
first let's figure out how water
appeared on earth
according to their version no need to
thank me
they uh would reply to you the earth is
it's the only rocky planet with a lot of
but it was created in the dry inner part
of the solar system
how is it even possible then scientists
water was transferred to the earth
during a collision with theia
and probably there was water on it
originally a logical counter question
so if it really was like that there was
life on
thea am i really the only one whose hair
stands on end
in response to this fact after all i
understand that creatures on some planet
died due to a collision with ours what
did these inhabitants of
theia look like what was their level of
what was their last day like well it
because here's the really logical answer
water on earth appeared as a result of
debris to be more precise some very
cool cosmic debris among the particles
from which the earth was created
there were originally rocks that were
prone to forming water
later water could have appeared from
volcanoes during the eruption
water vapor in the atmosphere could have
condensed and rained down
slowly filling the earth with water just
and no thea still the scientists would
not give up
and keep trying to find thea no matter
what it takes
a lot of money is needed for science
projects and the cooler your research
the more you'll get therefore it seems
that sometimes scientists have to come
up with a whole
pr move for their project for example
thea is a greek
titan s astronomers are poor
but they understood the principle of the
marvel industry
the more mythology mysticism and action
the more their story will be liked by
the audience
and accordingly sponsors for example a
mission with nasa's
stereo probes launched in 2006
was given us 550 million dollars
and they didn't find anything and still
we don't know where
they came from or where it disappeared
scientists logic since we cannot find it
it means that it's at the lagrange point
lagrange points are areas of space where
the gravitational pull of the sun
and earth combines to form gravity well
at the bottom of such a well
various items of cosmic debris are
finding thea there is like a desperate
attempt to move the couch to find the tv
after all the sofa is not even the
lagrange point
it's the black hole of your house but
apart from the clouds of dust
there's nothing there just as there are
no remains of
thea at the lagrange point even if this
is true
logic would suggest that theia was also
created from debris that accumulated at
the gravitational equilibrium point
but i think scientists would prefer to
believe that the mysterious origin
and spontaneous disappearance of thea
was the work of
thanos rather than put up with the idea
everything was created by debris was
no thea at all after many failed
attempts to find
thea scientists were in such a hopeless
state that they came to what they viewed
as a logical conclusion
earth is a star what
there's no way you expected to hear this
scientists believe that at the time the
earth was in a
white dwarf state therefore when thea
hid it
and knocked it out of orbit the earth
became a satellite of the sun
and acquired the status of a planet and
importantly they are melted into the
so we can never find it incredible
it would be incredible if there was at
least some
evidence for this but a doctor
geodynamics student at arizona state
kyan yuan found them while the others
were flying to the moon
sending out probes kyan yuan was the
first to think of
looking under his feet the student
recalls how he was struck by
this information in planetary
geochemistry class
he thought that after the impact theia
could have gone
underground and formed large areas with
a low shear rate
using seismic imaging technology
scientists have traced
magma plumes deep in the bowels of the
its core is surrounded by a pair of
mysterious structures
in the form of huge bubbles one is under
the african continen
and the others under the pacific ocean
in its shape
this anomaly resembles giant headphones
research suggests that theius mantle
more iron oxide than earth this means
that it was denser
so when the two planets collided thea's
mantle sank
and was preserved within the earth's
kyan yuan demonstrated his arguments
with an illustration of a beer bottle
i definitely like this kind of astronomy
kyan yuan himself is
glad that his work has become famous but
asks that we should not forget that this
is just a hypothesis
the research is based on the observation
of mantle waves
they're found as a result of reflections
from various materials
just as a doctor uses x-rays to look
inside your body
yet unlike the doctor we cannot cut open
the earth to see if this interpretation
is correct
our technology is not yet perfect enough
to study such
complex cosmic phenomena the same was
true in the search for
exoplanets which astronomers could have
confused with ordinary dust and debris
in case you haven't seen my video about
this yet i advise you to watch it in
order to realize
the full scale of inaccuracies in space
in our time
it's a shame that scientists have to
come up with fantastic stories to get
because of this as in the case of thea
the line between science
and mythology is blurred but i'm all for
truth in science
therefore i decided to create a
of a really logical version of these
space events
which would be true and at the same time
would still appeal to both
investors and even the director of nasa
after the big bang cosmic debris
flew around the world for a very long
it has been floating around for a very
long time
and nothing happened dum dum dum dum
but then suddenly under the influence of
the debris began to thicken and rotate
from those clouds of debris
planets were formed then the debris
created water on the earth the moon
dinosaurs volcanoes chariots capitalism
dreamworks and logan marshall green oh
that is tom hardy you your mother
investors and even the riddle channel
you see even the most unremarkable
can become epic and you don't need
to deceive anyone and now you too
can try to make some scientific fact
using my technique leave
your versions in the comments below this
and on your social media accounts and
don't forget to use
the dum dum dum dum


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