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Angkor Wat | Access 360 World Heritage

Angkor Wat, located in northwest Cambodia, is the largest religious structure in the form of a temple complex in the world by land area, measuring 162.6 hectares. At the centre of the temple stands a quincunx of four towers surrounding a central spire that rises to a height of 65 m above the ground. the temple of angkor wat is one of hundreds of temples that make up the ancor world heritage site angkor was once the largest city on earth then seemingly overnight this ancient metropolis of nearly a million souls vanished now experts are using new technology to solve this great mystery and restore the treasures of a lost empire damian evans is one of a new breed they call themselves aerial archaeologists he's on a mission to map the ruins of the lost civilization below what we do is we look at the landscape as a whole if you're on the ground you really can't see what's what you really have to get up in the air and get an overview a broader perspective on the landscape new

Animals You'll Be Happy Are Extinct

our planet is facing the greatest extinction of animals since the time of the dinosaurs but this time it's not the meteorite that threatens their lives it's a human being over the last 50 years humans have destroyed almost two-thirds of species you'll never hear the sweet sardinian kika again the orange frog will no longer warn you of the rain with its croaking and team melodrama fans will not be able to tease the tasmanian wolf at the zoo calling him a stripe to jacob but unlike some animals we've lived to see that we can work miracles with the help of genetic engineering on the 23rd of february this year a sensational event took place australian photographer neil waters posted stunning content on the Internet a picture of the very tasmanian wolf that was considered to be extinct 85 years ago it could mean that scientists have already secretly made progress in cloning and we can fix it all but there is another question is it worth doing it before you answer there's

Alien World Might Be Hiding Inside Earth

a planet called thea covered in seas and rivers full of exotic gardens and wondrous creatures flies out of its orbit and travels in the direction of our solar system kidding everything in its path thea makes venus rotate in the other direction breaks off a piece of the earth and apparently by the law of bartender's tricks share some water with it splashing a little on the martians then it grabs at jupiter so that it starts spinning faster this causes theater crumble into small pieces so that fragments reach saturn and form its rings together with cosmic dust the remnants become moons of uranus and after this game of cosmic billiards the universe makes every effort to stop us knowing about thea after all it just wants to forget about it like a bad dream no this isn't a new marvel movie plot it's quite possible that this is what the hypothesis for the creation of the solar system will look like from the point of view of scientists who love greek mythology just as much as they