Animals You'll Be Happy Are Extinct

our planet is facing the greatest 00:07 extinction of animals since the time of 00:09 the dinosaurs 00:11 but this time it's not the meteorite 00:13 that threatens their lives 00:15 it's a human being over the last 50 00:18 years 00:18 humans have destroyed almost two-thirds 00:21 of species 00:22 you'll never hear the sweet sardinian 00:25 kika again 00:26 the orange frog will no longer warn you 00:29 of the rain with 00:30 its croaking and team melodrama fans 00:32 will not be able to tease the tasmanian 00:35 wolf at the zoo 00:36 calling him a stripe to jacob but unlike 00:39 some animals 00:40 we've lived to see that we can work 00:42 miracles with the help 00:44 of genetic engineering on the 23rd of 00:47 february this year 00:48 a sensational event took place 00:50 australian photographer neil waters 00:52 posted stunning content on the internet 00:55 a picture of the very tasmanian wolf 00:58 that was considered to be extinct 85 01:00 years ago 01:01 it could me