The Murder of Kim Jong-un's Brother | North Korea

Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Kim Jong-un's brother enters the terminal, unaware that two female assassins are also at the airport. NARRATOR: It begins with her being recruited by a man who claimed to be a TV producer. NARRATOR: For months, Kim Jong-un's agents groomed Siti and another young woman to ambush unsuspecting members of the public and smother their faces with cosmetic creams, in what they thought were hidden camera show stunts. NARRATOR: Siti's handler arranges a meeting a café in the airport. There she is to receive details of the target. NARRATOR: This time, it isn't baby oil, but a deadly nerve agent. As Kim Jong-un's brother heads to his flight, the two women make their move. NARRATOR: Seeking help, Kim Jong-nam heads for the airport's medical facility. MADDEN (off-screen): So at this point Kim Jong-nam is in the infirmary, and he is behind the door, and this is where this image gets very scary. There's a gentleman in all black, walking

Animals You'll Be Happy Are Extinct

our planet is facing the greatest extinction of animals since the time of the dinosaurs but this time it's not the meteorite that threatens their lives it's a human being over the last 50 years humans have destroyed almost two-thirds of species you'll never hear the sweet sardinian kika again the orange frog will no longer warn you of the rain with its croaking and team melodrama fans will not be able to tease the tasmanian wolf at the zoo calling him a stripe to jacob but unlike some animals we've lived to see that we can work miracles with the help of genetic engineering on the 23rd of february this year a sensational event took place australian photographer neil waters posted stunning content on the Internet a picture of the very tasmanian wolf that was considered to be extinct 85 years ago it could mean that scientists have already secretly made progress in cloning and we can fix it all but there is another question is it worth doing it before you answer there's